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The Healing Tree Health Shop, Adelphi Centre, Sea Point, Cape Town, Tel: 021 439 8147 :: Posts


The Healing Tree, is a unique and authentic health shop located in the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town.

Nicola Zaina, the owner of the Healing Tree, is a nutritional therapist determined to create a community-based health store offering top quality natural products, run by professional caring staff.

Our aim is to take the guesswork out for the customer, as there are lots of health products out there which can be very confusing.
We only sell quality natural health products, carefully evaluating each and every product for quality, ingredients and efficacy.

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The Healing Tree Health Shop

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday9am - 6pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday9am - 2pm
Winter Times (1st June - 31st August)
Monday - Thursday9:30am - 5:30pm
Friday9am - 5 pm
Saturday9am - 2pm
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