About Nicola

Nicola Zaina and dogs
My Qualifications


I have a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Witwatersrand with a double major in applied and industrial psychology. I also have a Diploma in Dietary Therapy and Nutritional Therapy from Raworth College in the UK. I was in private practice as a Nutritional Therapist for two years before opening and managing The Healing Tree Health Shop.


My Story

I am a passionate health foodie. I love preparing and eating delicious healthy food. But more than that I love inspiring others to find the joy in good real food and for you to feel supported to live a healthy life.


I have been doing health most of my life. It started with my mother, she embraced natural healing to help my brother who was frequently sick. I was brought up on homemade health bread and avocado sandwiches. How I longed for white bread with cheese spread! Now I am so thankful for those wonderful sandwiches made with so much love.


In my teens I came to realise that we only get one body and the better we treat it, the better it will serve us. That is not to say I didn’t stay up too late, drink too much and smoke to be cool, but I soon realised that was not my path.


After taking on a stressful job in the hotel industry, I became aware that looking after my body was not enough. I also needed to look after my emotional and spiritual well-being. This led me to set up and run an organic olive farm for five years. During this time I developed a deep connection to the earth and nature. 


I lived in Cape Town for many years. Where I owned and managed The Healing Tree, a community health shop in Sea Point. This website was born out of what I offered in the shop. Accurate, interesting and inspiring health information. 


In 2019 I moved to Cornwall where I live with my very tolerant husband Mike, who thinks I am a bit weird when I eat vegetables for breakfast! Surrounded by a nature reserve, rolling hills and close to the coastal path I find my peace in nature, walking with my dogs. 


I am here to help, guide you, inspire and support you on your joyful health journey. Whatever it may be, however long it takes, I am here.