• Nicola Zaina

The Larder - A foodie treat in Cavendish

If you find yourself having to do a bit of Christmas shopping at the rather soulless Cavendish Centre, don’t despair there is an escape. Rather than find yourself below the earth, eating at Woolworths cafe while shoppers go past and the fluorescent lights turn you off to the day, brave the light of day. Just a five minute walk out of the centre you will find yourself in a little haven called The Larder.

Now The Larder doesn’t tote itself as a vegan/vegetarian/health food cafe but they do have lovely options for us health conscious eaters. They offer free range chicken and beef and pasture raised eggs. Vegetarian, gluten free and banting options are marked on the menu.The bread is from Woodstock bakery, a delicious sourdough bread but if you are banting or on a keto diet they are options for you too. The vegetables come from local community farms and they have a no straw policy, I hope this becomes the norm.

The day I visited with my parents it was hot and humid but we found a nice table in the cool shade of the trees outside. Removed from the outside world by screens, they have created a little oasis.

The Larder is open for breakfast and lunch and offer the breakfast menu the whole day. If I had known that I would have gone for something on the breakfast menu as it had some interesting options. But the lunch menu also had a lovely selection of healthy items.

My mother had the falafel board which had homemade sweet potato falafels, tzaiziki, beetroot humus, a decent wedge of brie, avocado and salad. My father had a toasted spanakopita sandwich which I thought was a brilliant idea. Sourdough filled with pesto, feta, cheddar and spinach then toasted, a really healthy toastie option. I went for the frittata of the day with salad. All were delicious and beautifully presented.

There was so much on the menu, I wanted to try it all. Now I have to make an excuse to go shopping at Cavendish, definitely a wonderful reward for a sometimes tedious activity.

Find them at 8 Grove Avenue, Claremont.

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