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Miso Salad

This recipe was created when Mike wanted miso soup but it was 30+ outside so the thought of eating soup was not very appealing. I thought why not turn it into a salad.

I had found some beautiful radishes at OZCF, plain white on the outside but a radiant pink on the inside. It is also nice if you have some GM free tofu that you can fry up and sprinkle with soy sauce.

Add in what you would like, leave out what you don't have I haven't given quantities because I am not that kind of cook.

Miso Salad



Kale - finely chopped and softened with lime juice and sea salt

Carrots - grated or chopped

Radishes - finely sliced

Spring onion - chopped

Mushrooms - sliced

Broccoli - cut into florets

Sea Vegetables - I have a blend from Rawlicious that has dulse, laver, sea lettuce (if you don't have don't stress)

Pumpkinseeds and Sesame seeds - lightly toasted

Miso Dressing

2 T Miso paste - I have Fabulous Ferments which is a light paste, more solid pastes may need more water

1 T Rice wine vinegar, don't have use apple cider vinegar instead

1 T soy sauce

Lime juice

Fresh grated ginger

Water - to thin it out to dressing consistency


1. Prepare all the vegetables

2. Steam the broccoli until just done

3. Saute the mushrooms in a little olive oil

4. Layer all salad ingredients in a bowl

5. Whisk together the dressing ingredients adding water slowly until you have it to the consistency of creamy dressing

6. Pour dressing over salad and toss the salad well


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