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Tomato Gazpacho

Base for Gazpacho

I do so love gazpacho, it is like drinking summer in a glass. Sweet ripe tomatoes with juicy cucumber and sharp crisp green pepper is a match made in Spanish heaven. And nothing is better than on a hot summer day.

I remember as a child my mother making big batches from garden tomatoes and keeping it in a jug in the fridge. I would come home from school and have a glass of cold gazpacho, it was so refreshing and reviving and far tastier than any fruit juice.

This recipe is even easier than the Green Gazpacho I shared with you last summer. They are both so simple to make especially if you have a high-speed blender but even a good food processor will do the trick.

This tomato gazpacho is inspired by Moro The Cookbook, a wonderful recipe book that marries the flavours of Spain and the exotic spices of the Muslim Mediterranean. Moro means Moor so you can see where the influence comes from.

The key for this recipe are really sweet ripe tomatoes, the best gazpacho I have made is with tomatoes brought at the market. But if I am going to use shop brought tomatoes I leave them to ripen for a week. I normally always leave my tomatoes to ripen.

The health benefits of tomatoes are well known because it contains the highest levels of the antioxidant lycopene. Antioxidants protect the body from damage and lycopene protects the skin from sun damage as well as the heart and eyes and has also been shown to help keep the prostate healthy.

What you Need

(This makes enough for two)

1 garlic clove

500g tomatoes halved

1 small green pepper

1 Mediterranean cucumber or half an English one peeled

2 T red wine vinegar

4 T extra virgin olive oil

Make It

Place everything in a blender add sea salt and black pepper and puree until smooth. Add some ice or water to thin it out.

Fresh Gazpacho Soup

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