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Coming to Cornwall

I know some of you may be curious as to why I have moved to Cornwall and left beautiful Cape Town, which has been my home for more than 20 years. It was not an easy decision, leaving a place that had been a part of me for so long, I always felt a sense of belonging.

It is even harder to leave all the connections and the network that has taken years to develop. I felt that I had to give up so much, family, good friends, a beautiful city, a beautiful home and the weather.

But there has been something tugging gently at me for the last few years, a sense that it was coming time for a new adventure. Time to explore and discover another beautiful corner of the world.

It isn’t often that you get the chance for such a new experience and the challenge of making a comfortable life again. One that has the things that are important like finding people to connect with, making new friends. Finding joy and pleasure in the small everyday things, making a home. 

It was a challenge I couldn't say no to.

It wasn’t so much the desire to escape and start fresh and new but more a desire to start something different. I don’t want to radically change my life I just wanted to take all the experiences and the passion and see if it could work somewhere else.

So why Cornwall?

Well from when I first visited here 16 years ago I felt a deep sense of connection to this land, its the land I fell in love with and it’s the land that I have come here for. 

To be able to live a more rural life, simple, sustainable and close to nature.

Cornwall still practices traditional farming methods you find mixed farming, fields full of wildflowers lie fallow, hedgerows and woodlands. Organic farms sell their fresh produce direct to the public. The Duchy of Cornwall is well established and allows for a wide selection of organic produce at more affordable prices. 

For people who have always lived here, this is their normal, it’s part of everyday life and not just a trend, that is what I really like. 

At the moment we live in an apartment in a small block, it is in a tiny village in the Roseland Peninsula. We have big windows that look out over a nature reserve. The village is surrounded by farmland, woodland and wild land. And yet we are only 20 minutes drive from two large towns. 

View from my desk

The coast is 10 minutes away with beautiful walks, coves and beaches to explore. 

It is quiet and peaceful. 

So while I don’t have a garden yet I feel close to the land and that it can nurture me and this makes my heart sing.

And yes it rains but then we didn’t move here for the weather although in a way I have. The cloudy cooler weather is a nice change. Although speak to me in the middle of winter when I have been in wellies for 4 months!

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