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Oranjezicht Community Farm - OZCF

I know many of you already visit this community market every Saturday because it is a treat to see you there. But for those of you who have not visited this market recently you may find that you are missing out. 

What Sheryl and her team of volunteers and permanent staff have done is amazing and a testament to what can be achieved through dedication to a great goal. They have created a platform for small local producers to get their produce to market and get more money for what they produce. 

OZCF started off selling organic vegetables from the farm to the local community, this was such a success that it quickly outgrew it’s home at the farm. It then moved to Leeuwenhof which was such a treat. To get to visit this beautiful residence and hang out on the lawns. It now has a permanent home at Granger Bay and while I miss the intimacy of the original market the fact that it has grown so much shows that many of us are looking for alternative ways to shop. 


The vegetables that are for sale are produced by local small producers using organic farming principles but they do not have organic certification because it is very expensive for small producers.

I know that Abalami/Harvest of Hope supplies produce to the market and although the farms are small they follow organic farming principles. I would love to see a board that tells me where the food is coming from and how they farm. 

If you need some inspiration around food and what to cook this is the place to go. Here you will find a wide assortment of seasonal vegetables and fruit without all the packaging. In some cases things come pre-packed in brown bags or compostable bags.

For the rest you can pick and choose what you want and how much. This is great if you are only shopping for one or two or a big family, you can buy what you need. I prefer to buy what can get weighed or in bunches rather than a price for small, medium and large which is open to interpretation.

Besides the beautiful vegetables and fruit there are lots of other delicious things to buy: free range eggs, real chutneys and atchars, olive oil, honey, mayonnaise, the best ethical meat from Cure Deli, cheeses, butter, dips, sauces, pestos, olives, sourdough bread from Woodstock Bakery, the list goes on and on.

In fact I have to warn you that it is easy to end up spending a fair bit when you shop there. For me the best way to shop is with some idea of what is needed. With the vegetables have a look at what is available, this may give you some inspiration about what you can make. It is always a good idea to know what you are going to do with what you buy. So even if you don’t go there with a list when you see something that looks great have some idea what you are going to do with it. 

The last thing you want to do is find that you don’t use everything and then have sad vegetables sitting in your fridge. If you want things to last longer, when you get home put the vegetables in ziplock bags with a piece of kitchen towel.

There are lots of food stalls selling scrumptious breakfast and lunch options, juices, coffee and healthy lattes. The views are breathtaking and the music is laid back, this is the ultimate way to shop.

I shop with restraint but always with a smile on my face as I just love the wonderful selection of beautiful and sometimes unusual vegetables that are available. I like to get there early before the crowds come. It really is worth a visit because you will feel inspired about food and you will fall in love with vegetables and great fresh produce.

Health is about the food you eat, and the way you move your body.
It's about stilling the mind and connecting to others and nature.
Health is about living a meaningful life that brings you joy & fulfilment.
Find ways to be healthy every day, have fun & don't get stressed or obsess about it.
Health may not look the same for everyone but being healthy is worth striving for.
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