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Something Green

Something Green was almost going to be the name of my website and blog. Then instead I decided to write a blog about greens and realised green vegetables are so abundant it will have to be a series of blogs. That is how serious I am about my greens!

Many years ago, I would go to my dear friend Kylie for a massage and chakra balance. At the end of the massage she would hold her hands over each chakra and ask me to bring in a specific colour for that chakra. For the heart it was pink but I could never imagine pink (I was never a pink girl).  I fretted that I had a heart of stone. But then after one massage rather than ask me to imagine pink she said green. And without any difficulty this flood of beautiful green light came into my heart. 

Green has always been a special colour for me, from that chakra defining moment to the many hues and tones of green found in nature. Green is without a doubt a powerful healing colour. Being the colour in the middle of the rainbow it brings balance. Just take a moment and look outside at a tree or plant, or close your eyes and visualise a natural scene. Then breathe and let the colour and the feeling of calm wash over you. 

I love vegetables, especially green vegetables and I want you to fall in love with them too. There has to be “something green” on my plate or in my bowl, at least every day, if not every meal. The meal feels incomplete without greens or, even better, many greens. If you can do one thing to improve your health it would be to eat more green vegetables.

The green colour in plants is due to chlorophyll and this is what you want to be getting into your body. Chlorophyll is found in all plants, it is what they use to convert the energy from the sun into plant energy. We eat the plants and take in that energy, what a brilliant system. Chlorophyll also helps to protect the body from the damage caused by certain toxins.

All vegetables but particularly green vegetables contain many minerals most importantly magnesium and calcium. These two minerals are often lacking in the diet and are important for the health of our bones and muscles as well as being involved in many body processes. They are also alkalising and help to maintain the bodies acid/alkaline balance.

I want you to get really intimate with your vegetables. Understanding the different families of vegetables is important as they all have unique properties and health benefits. By eating from different families you ensure you are feeding your body a good balance of important nutrients. The first family we will look at is the Brassica Family, what are the benefits and simple ways to prepare them.

Health is about the food you eat, and the way you move your body.
It's about stilling the mind and connecting to others and nature.
Health is about living a meaningful life that brings you joy & fulfilment.
Find ways to be healthy every day, have fun & don't get stressed or obsess about it.
Health may not look the same for everyone but being healthy is worth striving for.
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