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Superfoods: Raw Chocolate Selection

It is a tough job but someone has to do it, reviewing the new raw chocolate range from Soaring Free Superfoods! Earlier last year they brought out some seriously good raw chocolate bars.

They started with just two one with coconut sugar and one with no sugar both contained 20 superfoods and herbs. These took chocolate to a whole new level of health, nothing like it was available locally. One could enjoy the intensity of raw chocolate with the added benefit of all those healthy superfoods and herbs. 

They started to expand the range, next came Maca Xpress and Goji Crunch, wow brilliant. I have never been a fan of maca but the maca chips they used in this bar had a kind of coffee flavour.

The Goji Crunch had goji berries and cacao nibs. Suddenly it became hard to choose which one to go for as each one was delicious and healthy.

Next came a Dark and Decadent this was simpler and started feeling more like regular chocolate. Raw chocolate sweetened with 25% coconut sugar. It was still a little bit bitter but snapped like regular chocolate and had a smooth chocolate flavour. 

Then late last year they launched another three flavours. O’Mega Ginger, Matcha Mint and Longevity Coffee. They presented 6 flavours in a gift box. Gone were the two original flavours from this box, obviously they were too hard core healthy. 

So I decided to buy a gift box and try all 6 flavours and while all of them were delicious I was just a tad disappointed. From my memory when the first two flavours Maca Xpresso and Goji Crunch came out the filling was in the chocolate so you got a real taste of the Maca Xpresso and the goji berries and cacoa nibs.

I tried to contact them to find out if they had changed the way they made them but nobody responded to my e-mail. 

Now basically all the bars are plain bars onto which they have ground up and sprinkled various flavours. This means that the bars are more like chocolate bark than a chocolate bar. What also tends to happen is that the sprinkles fall off and they don’t get to the edges of the bar, so you may find a few pieces are a bit plain. Maybe the idea is to eat the whole bar!

The Maca Xpresso is finely ground and sprinkled on top as is the Goji Crunch, there was so little that I could hardly taste the goji berries. The O’Mega Ginger has seeds sprinkled on top which doesn’t really add much but it has a nice ginger flavour. The Matcha Mint has a really nice minty flavour and nothing sprinkled on top so I take it the Matcha green tea is also in the bar. Longevity Coffee had a great coffee flavour but a lot of the ground coffee beans came off. 

I really loved the the original two bars with all the added superfoods and herbs, these are amazing.  But for anyone who is moving away from regular chocolate one of the flavoured bars or the Dark and Decadent bar may be a better place to start. Slightly darker and more bitter than you may be used to but with all the health benefits of raw cacao. Made with raw organic cacao and organic coconut sugar they are still a healthy option. 

If you are looking for a really super healthy bar then the Original Superherb Zero sugar bar is the way to go, not so much a chocolate as a health supplement in food form!

PS All my reviews are done on the spur of the moment. I don’t interview anyone and I pay for everything. I review what I like or think people may want to know about.

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