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Woolworths Food - Spiced Fruit Leather

OK I know what you are probably thinking, Woolworths, really!

Love them or hate them I buy selectively from them. They need some credit when they get something right. On this new range of fruit leather snacks they have got it right on the mark.

How great is it that the walk to the tills is no longer the walk of shame when you had to resist all the temptations on display. Now instead you are presented with some "healthier" alternatives.

The fruit leather caught my eye and they come in three compelling flavours:

Beetroot, chia seeds & ginger

Berry, hemp seeds & cinnamon 

Carrot, flaxseed, turmeric and ClemenGold

What beetroot fruit leather! I was so excited to see vegetables in two of the options. 

So what is in them?

NO SULPHUR - NO SUGAR full marks there.

The base for all three is a pear puree concentrate. The beetroot and carrot options also have some apple puree.

The beetroot makes up 28% and the carrots 20% of the fruit leather. What a great way to get your kids or reluctant adults to have their veggies even in a treat!

The berry one which is sweeter and really delicious has 15% strawberry, 12% blackberry and 2% goji berries

The chia, flax and hemp seeds make up 2% of the leather help adding to the fibre and nutrient content of the leather.

How do they come?

In a pack of three rolls, ready to add into a school lunch (one roll would be perfect) or take to work for a healthy treat. They all say 45g on the side but the carrot one was 65g so that is a bonus if you want a more generous roll. The carbs are about 40%, not for those on a low carb/no carb diet.

Kosher and Halaal. Price R14.99 


How do they taste?

You cannot taste the pear puree as the other flavours and spices come through nicely. I liked the flavour of all three the carrot one has a slight citrusy zing to it, the beetroot one is full of ginger. My 8 year old nephew liked it until I told him it had beetroot in it, to which he said "I don't really like beetroot" but continued to eat the roll!

What is not to love about berries, being full of berries makes it very berry flavourful.

What made me sad

That both the plastic covering and the paper card cannot be recycled.

They are definitely worth a try for a healthy little sweet treat. 

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