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Miso Soup

March 13, 2018


This is a quick miso soup I have been making for years. It is delicious, light and nourishing. Miso paste is made from fermented soya beans this is the best way to eat soya beans and fermented foods help keep the gut healthy. Make sure the make you find uses organic soya beans.


I sometimes add organic tofu or organic tempeh. Tempeh is also another fermented soya bean product. The soya beans are inoculated with a spore and this helps the beans to develop vitamin B12 which makes it a great option for vegans.


For both the Tempeh and Miso paste I use the local brand Fabulous Ferments, they only use organic soya beans and make the products in small batches using traditional methods. You should be able to find them at local health food stores.


You can add well cooked short grain brown rice or leave it out if you want to keep it lighter.


The seaweed may be more difficult to come by, I love seaweeds so I always stock up when I find some that looks of a good quality.


I was lucky Woolworths was having a special on mushrooms so I got two boxes of speciality mushrooms for R30. I like to add a few shiitake mushrooms because of the health benefits they have and also because of the delicious flavour they add.


What you Need

Tempeh - I brought a small frozen container for R22 this enough for two of us

Miso paste 1 tablespoon per person

Mushrooms - preferably a few shiitake and brown/portobello

Ginger - chopped up not grated

Spring onion - chopped

Carrot - chopped

Broccoli - break into small florets

Baby marrow - sliced (I don't always add these)

Wakame - seaweed or any other dried seaweed you can find

Short Grain Brown rice - well cooked 45 - 50 minutes.


Make It

Marinate the tempeh in a little Tamari sauce. Sauté the spring onions and ginger in a little olive oil. Add the rest of the vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed and cover with boiling water. Simmer until the carrots have lost a bit of their crunch. Add in the tempeh then take off the heat and stir in the miso paste. I use about 1 tablespoon per person. It is best not to heat the miso paste that way you get the maximum benefits. Simple and delicious.

Another quick way to enjoy miso soup is to add hot water to left over vegetables and a tablespoon of miso paste. Perfect for a quick healthy instant soup.


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