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Snazzy Spinach

February 28, 2019


Or to be clearer Swiss chard, you know how I love my greens and I am always trying to find interesting ways of serving them up. You buy a big bunch but what to do with it?


Well with summer here I wanted to do a lighter version of creamed spinach. This recipe can be served at room temperature as part of a vegetable platter or with a piece of fish.


Health Benefits

Swiss chard is good for you because it contains iron and vitamin C, important nutrients to help with anaemia. It also contains vitamin K which is important for bone health and of course plant antioxidant that keeps us healthy.


Olives are little nutrition powerhouses we often just see them as a tasty addition but they have many health benefits. As a fruit they are very nutrient dense and contain healthy fats plus vitamin E and squalene which helps to keep our skin healthy, smooth and glowing.


What you Need

Swiss chard, finely chopped

Chilli (optional)

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Feta Cheese



Make It

Place the Swiss chard in a large pot and allow to wilt, take out and put into a colander before it looses it's colour. In the same pot add some olive oil and add the Swiss chard into the pot with the chilli and a grind of sea salt. Allow to fry for about a minute until the Swiss chard is well coated with the olive oil and chilli, add in the juice of half a lemon and stir. Place on a dish and top with the crumble feta cheese and the chopped olives. Drizzle over a little more olive oil and black pepper.


Another easy peasy way to have your greens.

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